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Author: Will Walker

Internet Marketing Guide – Which Web Based Channels Should You Use?

If you are new in the business, you would want to find an Internet marketing guide that can help you understand the ins and outs of this growing industry. Internet marketing is also referred to as Internet advertising, web advertising, or e-marketing. It refers to the use of different web-based media to market, promote, and advertise a business and its brand by increasing customer conversion. Companies can effectively leverage a wide range of online media, such as search engine marketing, email marketing, social network marketing, and viral marketing.

The main objective of internet marketing is to increase the sales of a business using web-based tools and digital marketing strategies. With the increasing number of online customers, companies are increasingly relying on online advertising to enhance customer acquisition and improve profit margins. To stay ahead of competitors, an effective internet marketing strategy must be able to incorporate the right mix of online and offline advertising. A web-based digital marketing strategy will provide a strong platform for businesses to successfully compete in the online market place.

For instance, if a business owner wants to use email marketing to boost sales, a good strategy would be to create high quality and compelling content that are relevant to their customers. In fact, Facebook has recently introduced their new feature called “Like” that allows users to let Facebook know what they are doing with the content on their walls. Although, Google’s AdWords is also a great tool for pay per click marketing through the use of digital channels such as email marketing and content marketing.

Top 3 Marketing Tips for Online Marketers

There are many marketing tips out there for online marketers. These tips can range anywhere from the obvious like don’t cram your website with lots of flashy graphics and animation to the more subtle tips like how not to use email spam. Below you will discover a comprehensive list of online marketing tips broken down by category of interest. You might want to brush up on them or delve into some, either way you should be able to learn what you need to learn to master and optimise the performance of your online marketing strategy… Here’s a quick breakdown:

o Online marketing tips on mind control and psychology. Mind control and psychology are a huge topic with no end to it at just about any given moment. If you’re just starting out on your marketing efforts then the best place to start is to understand yourself so you can determine which actions affect your mind and which actions you should take to affect others. There are tons of free resources like this all over the internet to help you master this topic if you want to dig into more depth: Mind Control and Psychology – The Psychology of Persuasion and Marketing by Mark Johnston and Brian Fanale.

o Use Social Networking sites to build your brand. Another one of the best and most overlooked marketing tips is the use of social networking sites and your brand on them. Facebook is probably the biggest example, but there are tons of other examples of brands being used effectively on Facebook. Basically, when you use social network sites as part of your overall strategy you should be aiming to reach as many people as you can without overtaking your competitors’ pages or feeling too much like you’re spamming, but rather building a brand presence that gives you an edge because of it.

How Blogging Promotes Your Business

Blogging has become a very popular Internet activity. Blogging originated as early as the late 1990s and is now one of the most widely used tools of the Internet marketing professional. In a blog, a user can express his or her personal opinions, views, or stories using personalized text boxes. Blogging started out on blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, MySpaceilet, and LiveJournal until they were replaced with more popular websites including Twitter, Google Reader, statcounter, WordPress, and TypePad. Recently, blogging sites such as TypePad, Scribd, Weekly, and Technorati have developed tools to allow users to publish their content through the traditional desktop publishing process.

A blog is also a written discussion or informational site published online, often in reverse chronological order, containing discrete, sometimes even informal journal-style text entries written by the blogger. Blog entries are commonly displayed in either the side or top of the page, so the latest post usually appears at the top. The typical format for blog entries includes the blogger’s name and a topic or story, with links to additional supporting details and resources provided by the writer. Unlike traditional journals, blogs are not filed with conventional paper-based journals or published in print. Blogging is considered an informal communication tool online where people express themselves, usually for the purpose of self-expression or to share information and knowledge with other bloggers, readers, or visitors to a particular online diary.

One of the best ways to find a target audience is to find blogs relevant to your business or website topic. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing will provide you with blog directories that list blog posts according to categories, keyword phrases, or themes, allowing you to easily search for topics that may be of interest to your target audience. By searching in these search engine directories for keywords relevant to your business, you can easily identify and locate blogs that are likely to appeal to your target audience, and contact them directly with promotional offers and information about your products and services. If you have difficulty locating potential blog partners on your own, a professional blogger may be able to help.

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